Let’s Spoon, Baby!™



The Infanttools “AVA” Spoon

The Ava spoon was created from a patented design that allows parents to feed babies safely and more efficiently, while enabling feeding anywhere on-the-go, without wasting any uneaten baby food. The Ava spoon perfectly fits all small/medium size baby food jars to eliminate the need for a bowl while feeding. The Ava spoon also fits all baby food containers, including yogurt, applesauce and other containers. The Ava spoon can even be used for feeding infants from a bowl if desired. It is our most universal spoon and can be utilized for just about all infant feeding, except for the largest of the level 3 jars on the market. Our patented design is also engineered to prevent parents or caretakers from placing a feeding spoon too far in an infant’s mouth.

The Ava spoon comes in the 5 colors shown below and two (2) Ava spoons are included in our premium package available above.

The Infanttools AVA Spoon

The Infanttools “LOLA” spoon

The Lola spoon is our longer version of our signature Ava spoon. The Lola spoon fits all large level 3 baby food jars, which are made much longer than the level 1 & 2 jars. The Lola spoon can also be used directly with baby food pouches for on-the-go feeding without a bowl, in addition to jar or container feeding. Like our Ava spoon, the Lola spoon design prevents parent’s fingers or the spoon handle from ever touching the baby’s food.

                  The Lola spoon  comes in the 5 colors shown below and one (1) Lola spoon is included in our premium package available above.

The Infanttools LOLA spoon

*longer stem for large level 3  jars and pouch feeding without a bowl

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